Who we are

Thanks to a deep and long R&D activity by a Pool of expert Engineer, HST Italia developed and patented Vibroacoustic technology and Solutions that we are proud to trade and apply to realize several innovative applications and projects.

Vibroacoustic is a consolidated technology with many years of application in several and different fields of research on SOUND, COMMUNICATION and ALARM application and develop of solutions for NOISE prevention and reduction is the focus of HST Italy laboratory of last years.

Our mission is to introduce the HST Vibroacoustic technology by developing various Projects and Applications on large scale. Promoting innovative projects of IMMERSIVE SOUND, evolved bi-directional COMMUNICATION and an integrative smart ALARM system for non-usual prevention activities of security for transport, private, public and urban environment.

We are proud to develop and apply HST Vibroacoustic to prestigious Home solutions, innovative Enterprise Offices and Conference rooms as well as Hospitality and public environment for innovative and entertainments areas for leisure or professional SOUND & COMMUNICATION needs.