Solutions and Technical Details

The engineering team work develop an "hard-core" & technology "engine" inside a Central Unit (AMP) that contains electronic & algoritms to "drive" ISSUE and RECEIVE capabilities to terminals represented by Piezoelectric actuator reduced to 2cm of square surface.

Those actuators applied to ANY plane surface of ANY kind of material, making that surface ACTIVE for the actuator funcion EMIT or RECEIVE vibration (sound, voice, rumors) becoming a skeaker or a microphone.

Technology as a Product takes to practice and robust choices in order to provide a solution with low efforts of installation, implementation and especially "zero" maintenance.

Plant & project consider one or more Control Unit (AMP) based on area, topology and type of materials available. Each AMP drive up to 25/30 actuators by a grant and stable wire connection full nested and embedded in the environment.

The System is powered by 24v source and doesn’t need any further maintenance or periodic review.

The actuators applied (with use of a special glue) to any surface make (with the proper dimension) an "active" surface with edmission or receive of vibrations (SOUND, VOICE, RUMORS, PRESENCE,…) creating an innovative, addictive and immersive effect & feeling.