Applications & Projects

What we describe as Technology permits to design, create and develop Projects in any contests; Home & residential, Enterprise and Professional, Hospitality, Public & Urban, transport and Automotive, as well as Home protection, Alarm, Urban and private Vandalism.

Selection and choice of materials, surface, dimension, size of area and positioning of actuators will create the final Vibroacoustic desidered effect: Immersive Sound, bi-directional free-hand Communication, Alarm, protection.

Projects with this smart technology could solve many critical situations as temperature, humidity, aesthetic needs (garden, outdoor, historical site,…) or effective environments (pool, SPA, Sauna,..)

The System can be connected to any kind of source as Smartphone, Hi-Fi System, TV set, PC, web-TV/Radio, Streaming or Storage system, by AUX cable or bluetooth.

Home & Residential Environmente

Luxury Apartments, LIVING areas, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Terrace

Immersive Sound, “free-hand” communications, Protection of areas and people, Could Could be a very appreciate add-value as Sound source for Furniture, Walls, Panels, Class,… or architect design complements as Lamp, Thermo, countertops, doors, fixtures, pergolas,...

Professional & Business

Enterprise, Company Office, Bank, Conference Room, Training room, Management Office, common & Relax areas, Reception

Conference Room with efficient Audio without any invasive device, fashionable Top Management Office, Innovative workspace, Leisure and relax areas with full immersive sound. Discrete Protection for restricted areas, control of empy spaces, R&D Labs.

Hospitality & Public

Hotels, Ristaurant, Wellness park, GYM, SPA e Thermal, Suites, Lounges, Meeting & Conference Rooms, outdoors & dehours, Reception

Private and shared areas equipped with discrete, invisible sound system for a very impressive immersive sounds. Complex and critical areas like pool and Sauna or external areas exposed to weather conditions. Development as Sound source of Mobles, lamps, countertops, windows and panels.

Sponsorized Panel for event and expo with immersive Sound System for Music & Speech.